Compilation engagements

Only medium-sized and large companies and organisations are legally obliged to have their annual accounts audited by a statutory auditor. Many smaller companies (SME’s) do not have to bring in an accountant, but choose instead to have their annual accounts professionally compiled by an accountant. This service offered by Mazars gives you a secure feeling and often results in practical tips and advice.

Our employees have a lot of experience in carrying out compilation engagements for small and smaller companies. The goal of a compilation engagement is collect, categorise and compile financial information in annual accounts or other financial reports.
The added value of a compilation engagement is that an accountant draws up the annual accounts in a correct and precise manner. 
A compilation engagement is a service still made-to-measure. Our professionals consider it evident to delve into the specific characteristics and particulars of their client. They have a close look at the administration, and translate this into annual accounts which present the figures correctly.