Cyber security

In today’s increasingly sophisticated and complex technological environment, new security challenges are constantly arising, making it harder for businesses to protect valuable intellectual property and business information in digital form against theft, damage and misuse.

Our cyber security team assists organisations with the prevention of cyberattacks and the protection of valuable assets through vulnerability assessment of intrusion in IT infrastructure, in data warehouses or applications; onsite physical security inspection of the offices/data centres, and social Engineering (attempting to gain information, access or introduce malware trough the manipulation of end users).


  • Assessment of cyber risks and the related control environment;
  • Drafting security policies, procedures;
  • Black box / Grey box pen testing;
  • Security Awareness Programs (e.g. social engineering, phishing campaigns, … );
  • Risk assessment of proposed changes to the technology of an organisation (e.g. Cloud);
  • Third party assurance.