High net worth individuals

Our experts of Mazars Private Client Services specialise in structuring your private wealth in a tax efficient way. Mazars Belgium is part of the Global Mazars Private Client Services Group which consists of experienced specialists, based in the Mazars offices all over our worldwide network.

At Mazars, we offer a wide variety of services that are associated with owning, managing and preserving businesses and private wealth.
We do not just base our advices on the applicable legal and fiscal framework, but also keep the individual (and his long-term wishes) in mind.

We will do more than file and review your tax return or help you with other compliance activities. We provide a bespoke service, assisting you to (1) structure your estate in a tax efficient way and (2) ensure the continuity of your estate.

We help you transfer your estate to the next generation, taking into account the desired control and income retention.
We assist you in all family events (marriage, birth, decease,…) and all key moments in your life (retirement, the entry of family members into the company, ...). 
We are known for the long-term relationship that we develop with the client.
Every family has its own dynamic, which evolves over time and legislation does not stand still as well.
We therefore guarantee that we will help you monitor if your structure is still up to date and inform you about all important changes.

You are unique but we are too because we can provide you with a fully-integrated service thanks to our international network and our other service lines, including our legal service line family succession.

Our Mazars Private Client specialists will:

  • help you get the best from tax reliefs and allowances;
  • prepare and file your personal tax return or other compliance work;
  • assess the tax implications of family events;
  • help you with tax and legal structuring of your valuable assets;
  • set up your ideal estate and gift tax planning;
  • advice on prenuptial agreements and last wills;
  • help you to establish (family) foundations, holding companies and charitable organizations.

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