It is always advisable to establish the rules within a company in writing. A policy is the right document for this. In a policy, the company can lay down the rules with regard to a certain subject so that there can be no discussions about it. This promotes the proper functioning of the company and also ensures a clear personnel policy so that any frictions can be avoided.

Some examples where we recommend to draft a policy:

In case an employee receives a company car as part of the salary package, we recommend to draft a company car policy.
A company car policy is a document that aims to clarify the conditions and restrictions of the use of the vehicle made available and the rights and obligations of each party.

On the basis of such a policy, discussions about making company cars available to employees can be avoided in advance as much as possible, for example with regard to interventions in the damage costs and any deductions from wages.
Also in case a smartphone or IT equipment is made available to the employees, we recommend to draft a policy. In this context it is recommended to make clear agreements about the use of the smartphone and the IT equipment. In this way you avoid unpleasant surprises and, if necessary, high costs.

In some cases it is not only recommended, but also necessary to have a policy. For example, the employer is not allowed to monitor the employee's email and internet use without a written record of the monitoring rules. The regulations even determine what must be laid down in the policy.

How can we help you?

The legal experts of Mazars can assist you in drafting a custom-made policy according to your input and company practice.
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