Corporate tax

The corporate tax team provides tax compliance and advisory services to many Belgian and international groups. Our team has an in depth understanding of the industries in which our clients operate and appreciate the issues currently affecting directors and shareholders.

We provide proactive advice, looking at tax issues from all angles.

As businesses develop, so do tax liabilities. Mazars provides a realm of corporate tax services for every stage of a company’s life. We work with an assortment of companies - from the Brussels Stock Exchange down to small owner- privately managed businesses.

Mazars recognises that all businesses are different. Our team has the technical expertise and specialist know-how to provide individual services and offer bespoke and discreet planning as-and-when the need arises.

Our Mazars Corporate Tax Compliance team offers specialist support in the field of Corporate Income Tax compliance. We have established this practice with the aim of helping clients to comply with an extensive set of requirements towards their stakeholders – formalities which include a tax component.

Each Belgian entity has to annually accomplish the following tasks within the legal due dates:

  • Submit a corporate income tax return
  • Submit individual fiscal forms 281.50
  • Submit individual fiscal forms 281.30
  • Submit Belgian withholding tax forms for dividends, interest (and royalties)
  • Submit transfer pricing filings (Form 275MF / Form 275LF, CbCR Reporting and/or Notification).

We will help you meet compliance requirements within set deadlines.  As a client, you decide what level of support you need from Mazars depending on your internal systems and resources. Our team can assist with a complete preparation of compliance formalities or perform a review on the corporate tax return prepared, both by means of on-site intervention or a desk review.

Mazars’s tax team also provides specialist corporate tax advice related to international challenges with our global tax expertise :

  • buying and selling a business, mergers, floatation, management buy-out and exit planning
  • real estate or intellectual property acquisition or divestment structuring
  • transaction services including tax due diligence
  • maximising tax relief through research and development deduction / tax credits
  • methods of profit extraction, including dividend policy
  • managing the impact of a tax enquiry or investigation