When employing staff in Belgium employers must comply with various obligations and regulations, making it advisable to seek assistance from an experienced professional service provider to help navigate through the complex requirements.

Our Mazars Payroll team in Belgium can provide an integrated service by drafting monthly pay slips, validating the calculations of the salary structure and checking whether they are compliant with the applicable tax-, social security and labour law formalities. This is recommended since your staff is your greatest asset and you need to be able to concentrate on your core business.

Together with your payroll consultant, we will guide you through the complete payroll lifecycle. Our modular service approach allows you to choose which services you require now and which services will be handled by you or need to be handled by us later.

Our expertise in international employment ensures that your international mobile employees will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. From local remuneration packages to assignment related packages, our Mazars Payroll team will advise you on the most attractive payroll solutions and will take care of all formalities.

In order to achieve this, we provide qualitative payroll services in-house or we can take care of your payroll administration cooperating with an external payroll provider. In both situations our payroll team makes sure that you are complying with all legal obligations and formalities.

Our payroll consultants will 

  • assist with mandatory registrations and affiliations in Belgium
  • process payroll data concerning monthly salaries and benefits
  • draft, review, validate and adjust the monthly payroll administration
  • assist with all mandatory formalities such as e.g. wage withholding tax returns, quarterly returns for social security contributions,…;
  • coordinate between your organization and the Belgian tax and social security authorities
  • perform tax and legal compliance checks to guarantee that the terms of the employment agreement are correctly implemented in the monthly payroll and that tax and social regulations as well as changes in the law are reflected in the monthly payroll
  • assist with tailor-made reporting
  • perform legal scans on already processed payroll periods
  • provide payroll related labour law advice and assist with drafting employment agreements and work regulations
  • assist with processing payroll for expats, inpats and their employers in need of specialist care and support.

All above mentioned services are offered by a team of experts in international payroll and global mobility services assisting (inter)national clients. They have all-round knowledge of other tax and legal related aspects and will interact with corporate tax, company law or labour law specialists where needed.


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