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Find the best support for sustainability in business processes

You can only manage what you can measure. With our Sustainability Tool Scout, we help you find the right tools to track, measure and document the sustainability of your business processes and your business environment. Use of the tool is free of charge and without obligation.

Greater sustainability in business processes requires the processing of vast quantities of data. Identifying, connecting, managing and analysing this data is often a manual and time-consuming task. The reporting can also be a challenge for companies when a variety of regulatory requirements (e.g. CSR-RUG, CSRD, TCFD, etc.) must be taken into account.

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We guide you through the jungle of tools and sustainability software platforms. We show you whether there are solutions that meet your needs, and how many there are of these. We then advise you personally on what these solutions are and how to implement them efficiently.

You can benefit from our market know-how and compare over 200 tools. After a few questions, you will receive a pre-selection of sustainability tools within 10 minutes. In addition, we offer you further support in analysing your needs, selecting and setting up support solutions in the field of sustainability in order to provide data automatically or at least in a structured way and to transfer it into the right reporting format.